A Spectacular Nightlife in London

When the sun sets, the night dawns which brings excitement and fun to the folks on the streets of London. The city is one of the favored nightlife destination spots in the world. The illuminated streets captivate the heights of nightlife in London. As you walk by, you can see people dancing in some of the best nightclubs. You can as well as have fun, and a thrilling London nightlife experience with the touch of magic in the air.

There are a variety of activities that one can undertake under the watch of the moon in London. You can visit the museums and enrich yourself with knowledge of the existing artifacts.

You can also choose to visit the exhibitions or art galleries or take a leisure walk in the breeze around the Richmond Park. Also, you can visit the National Portrait Gallery located in Trafalgar Square which is only a walking distance from clubbing three-storey Mecca at Heaven.

London is also the home of the immense number of bars, restaurants, and clubs. You can relax as you sip your drink in Soho one of the most fashionable places to be.
If you are a visitor anticipating to have fun alongside the locals, you can get some fun at Notting Hill and Portobello roads. You can also choose to relax and enjoy the view of the streets of London while sipping your beer at the best pubs and bars in Clapham and Brixton areas.

If you love clubbing, then Fabric club is the place to be in London. The club is a major destination for both local clubbers and people coming in London from all over the world. The club has received a positive reception globally based on the classic mix of its music ranging from Techno, Electronic, Heavy Metal, and Progressive. The club features most qualified DJs in the city of London.The entrance fee in most of the clubs in London is quite affordable compared to the breathtaking atmosphere inside the clubs.

If you are not a clubber and seeking for a quiet place where you can grab some drink and have a conversation, you can pay a visit to the many available English pubs which are evenly distributed in the city.

On the other hand, if have the preference for a good show, you can visit Lyceum Theatre or even the Queens Theatre. There are also plenty of theatres located in the West End district. You can enjoy good music from the professionals, and even amateurs.

You can also visit the Rockwell Hotel Bar. This stylish bar decorated with a roof terrace that overlooks the Square and the entire of Westminster. The interior is well designed detailed with plenty of glass, leather, marble and lacquered wood. It is designed such that it gives an impression of an open and large flowing space where you can comfortably relax. This calming space is ideal especially when seeking a place away from the busy streets and is famous for its cocktails.

You can also visit Trafalgar Square and feed some pigeons among other nighttime activities.

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